Sheila Deviney

Justice for Sheila Deviney

     Welcome to the website dedicated to the hunt for justice for our daughter, mother, sister, cousin and friend, Sheila Ann Deviney who was taken before her time.


    Sheila was a single mother of two and a recent college graduate who lived next door to her parents in Maysville, Garvin County, Oklahoma. On Tuesday, January 6th, 2004, after she had dropped off her children at school, Sheila was brutally murdered in broad daylight by a group of persons who  subdued her, packed flammable material around her in her trailer home, doused her with accelerants and burned her alive.

    Those that loved her have had to endure nearly a decade of waiting and hoping for justice. Now at long last, circumstances have arisen which have brought new life to a once cold case. If you loved Sheila or have knowledge with regard to her life or her death please contact us at (405) 255-5480.  

  $50,000 REWARD
                                           Updated: Tuesday November 1st 2011:

An outraged group of business owners from Garvin County and elsewhere have pledged their support for the Deviney family in their search for Sheila's killers. $50,000 will be paid in cash for information leading to the arrest and convicion of the persons responsible for the premeditated murder of Sheila Deviney on January 6th, 2004 near Maysville, Oklahoma.

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